A Low Carb Sample Meal Plan

There are numerous variations to a low carb diet plan one can find and learn about online, it is imperative to at least start off knowing a few basic meal plan ideas to kick start your low carb dieting efforts. So while the following meal plan ideas are enough to start off with, it is important to note that as with anything “variety is the spice of life” So ensure you learn about and expand your low carb dieting meal variations.

Option 1:
7 Egg White Omelet – allow 2 yolks only
1 cup veges eg. Mushrooms/capsicums
2 Plain Corn Thins (as alternative to bread)

Option 2:
1 cup Oats (cooked 2 cups) – (place ½ cup water in oats then cook in microwave or eat cold
(alternative is special K flakes or plain muesli with no dried fruit)
1 heaped tablespoon Natural Pineapple or 2 Kiwi fruit or ½ cup frozen berries

Option 1:
3 hard-boiled eggs
A large green leaf salad of your choice
2 Tablespoons of low carb commercial or homemade dressing
Optional: Sprinkle with Spicy Sweet Pecans

Option 2:
200g Cooked Lean Meat: chicken breast, Fish of any kind, Rump Steak, Eggs (10 egg white) (230g raw)
1 full cup greens (coleslaw, herbslaw packs at supermarkets, frozen vege is fine)
Tablespoon of lite oil dressing (Italian, french or olive oil)
1 full cup Basmati Rice (1 cup raw = 1.5 cup cooked). Or medium sweet potato (fist size)

Afternoon Snack
Option 1:
1 oz string cheese

Option 2:
20 Plain Nuts = cashews/almonds or walnuts (inside palm size)

Option 1:
6 Egg Omlette with 6 slices smoked salmon with salad on side

Option 2:
200g Grilled Chicken
2 full cup greens (coleslaw packs as mentioned)
2 Tablespoon Lite Cottage Cheese – OPTIONAL

Option 1:
8-10 strawberries, dipped in
¼ cup sugar-free chocolate sauce (ganache)

Option 2:
½ cup of low sugar jell-o

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